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Was never much of a fan of the tweetdeck/mastodon column layout - particularly as I often have my screen portrait. Trying out @pinafore and finding it very nice! Also, very nice and snappy on a touch device - we need more webapps like this!

RT We are proudly sponsoring the work of Julian Sparber on Fractal, the client for GNOME. Read his latest update - #LibreDesktop #DemandFreedom #gnome


RT I wish more open source communities would move their chat away from Slack and use

Aren't we all fed up with 10k message limits and 32 different logins?


Optimising a pyspark job today. Reduced the run time from ~90mins to 15mins on the same cluster by rewriting it as a classic MapReduce job, rather than SparkSQL queries.

While Dataframe APIs have advantages in readability, it is difficult to reason about the performance trade-offs.

We will be this weekend doing a quick sessiom turning RPI into DAT pinning service on Sunday #MozFest

How to NOT handle privacy:
Huffington Post throws this at new visitors,
giving the appearance of freedom to choose privacy or to become a commodity,
a choice that as far as I can tell doesn't actually exist...
but I know most people won't read through all that.

I was evaluating ending my old labor-exploitation boycott because a headline seemed like they had important content.
After this? Absolutely not. Boycott more firm than ever.

Working on an idea: Mirroring known dat-dns addresses into a hyperdb, allowing clients to do lookups without having to talk to servers at all...

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