I wonder what the internal process is that leads to this popup (and what they hope to learn from it)...

Just tested to see if I can put a dat:// URL into my Firefox RSS Feed reader extension. It works!

DatArchive support is also included, so Dat applications like Solo also work: dat://6af095e72edd6d729bad712ff545c25030111f0c72acf569955939351879f5be/

New milestone - beta build of Cliqz browser with dat:// support built in! Dat urls load natively using the dat-webext extension.

Example 2: On android 9 you cannot backup your device without logging into Google system-wide. No other remote backup option is available.

I had to manually back up with adb.

"We are now required to prevent from using the Website unless you change your mind..."

Not that's sure how the GDPR works...
cc @GDPRHallOfShame


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