"You’ve to enable third-party cookies in your browser for Scroll to do its thing." from @da

Interestingly, Scroll contacted us at Ghostery during their beta phase as our cookie blocking was preventing the subscription detection. I suggested a few ways they could implement the service without having to track all non-scroll users too, including a per-site login button, but unfortunately they didn't take up the offer...

@sam I believe it should have been a browser extension with permissions limited to their partner websites. That wouldn’t work with Safari on iOS or Chrome on Android, though. Ideally, the web browsers should provide these services. In an as neutral way as possible, of course. So more like Flattr where any creator can sign up, and less like Firefox Premium/Scroll which is limited to a few publishers. Brave isn’t doing it right either by blocking funding sources other than their own. Cliqz–Flattr partnership?

@da That sounds like what coil ( are doing. They also proposed a web monetisation API (

Didn't hear much about Flattr since the Eyeo acquisition, wonder how they're doing with the increased competition...

@sam I was absolutely convinced they’d fold Flattr into AdBlock Plus. Instead, they’ve not done much with it at all. I’m really puzzled they’ve not tried to market it at all.

@sam I’ve never heard of Coil. Which surprised me because I’ve been paying real close attention to this space. 3350 active extension installs means they have about the same numbers as Flattr. Mobile support limited to Firefox for Android. Uses a weird crypto-currency scheme. No notable websites on board, though. Less than a quarter of what integrates with the new Flattr.

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