Matrix and mastodon databases are starting to take up significant disk space on my server. Any tricks to discard stale data in the databases?

@sam you probably already know tootctl media remove, to get rid of old media from other instances, but still, mentioning it just in case.

@catte Thanks, it's a start, but I think this is a more general issue with both systems:

In a federated system how long do you keep hold of data from other nodes? It seems Mastodon and Matrix both keep this forever, which doesn't make that much sense as content older than a few days is stale on both networks. Some kind of pruning policy would be useful IMO.

@sam yeah totally. I'm not a very techy person so I don't even think of these things automatically. The old mastodon installation instructions at least mentioned that one might want to set up a cron job for that iirc. The new docs don't do that yet afaik.

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