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I forgot this convention when I first setup my instances (though I'm also not sure of the reach on a single user instance).

I develop privacy features for Cliqz and Ghostery browser extensions and Apps, and helped to build the transparency tool.

I'm also interested in the p2p web, specifically DAT, where I'm pushing for dat:// protocol support in Firefox via the dat-fox and dat-webext browser extensions!

Oh god...

All Chrome extensions can execute remote code in their own context:

Included in the bug report is a proof-of-concept web extension by gorhill, author of uBlock Origin.

I added apk download links to the Cliqz Concept Browser readme. Get yourself an android browser that can load dat:// URLs.

Chrome are planning to neuter the WebRequest API in their upcoming Manifest V3 changes. They claim this is for privacy and security reasons.

I had a look at the privacy case for these changes, and found that the changes actually do nothing for user privacy, and by breaking several privacy extensions, they will actually worsen the situation:

Google is doing their best to get even more people to ditch Chrome and switch to better and faster browsers such as Firefox and Brave

ahhh #dtn was so good. very much my people <3

i held a 15 minute talk on cabal that i think was recorded, and should be up some time the next month or so

The pressure against #AdTech is mounting.

Today, #GDPR complaints were filed in 4 more countries against Real Time Bidding (RTB) in online advertising
🇪🇸 @gemmagaldon @EticasFdn
🇳🇱 @bitsoffreedom, David Korteweg
🇧🇪 @Jausl00s @PiDewitte
🇱🇺 Jose Bello

On my way to Berlin for @DTNConf! Exited!

Finding the dat network very flaky at the moment. I have two Dats seeded on hashbase and on a VPC in a data centre, yet I can't load them locally in beaker, and dat-webext tests intermittently fail as they cannot load the test Dats.

I know p2p networking is hard, but this should be an easy case, as the seeds have fixed IPs and open ports...

Looks to be working now, and I'll try a push out a release to Cliqz beta channel tomorrow.

I also managed to get a crazy CI setup running to test dat swarming and the DatArchive API in a headless firefox browser, which should help to keep track of regressions in future!

Matrix and mastodon databases are starting to take up significant disk space on my server. Any tricks to discard stale data in the databases?

rant about firefox 

Working on updating dat-webext to use the latest libdweb changes. This should get networking working again on Firefox 67+

While Firefox addons are broken, why not try Cliqz, which still has working antitracking and adblocking:

Fun find today: we were getting errors from our code only in Firefox dev edition and up, and also only when the devtools were opened. So obviously I had to make a page that detects when the devtools are opened or closed!
(open in FF dev edition or nightly)

Bugzilla ticket is open:

Nice writeup by @darius about Dat, SSB, and ActivityPub and how they can learn from each other:

Indeed, my post-standardization of ActivityPub work (on Spritely) has largely been about exploring similar thoughts! See also the @librelounge episode with @joeyh where we talk about Secure Scuttlebutt (esp in relation to ActivityPub)

And yes, Firefox is still fighting a huge uphill battle against Chrome interop, and I have no idea how they're even able to keep their heads above water. They need all the help they can get, because they're battling stupid bugs like this every single day.

WebKit (Safari) is no less amazing for the comeback they've pulled off in the past few years, although they have fewer interop pressures. Web devs make sure their sites work in Safari, because the CEO has an iPhone.

Anyone know of a collated list of sites broken by firefox/tor's first party isolation?

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